Thursday, August 08, 2019

Lib Dems publish guide for activists in the Shetland by-election

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The Herald reports:
The Scottish Liberal Democrats have produced an etiquette guide for the Holyrood by-election in Shetland as they draft in help from mainland. 
The party has warned activists from outside the constituency that referring to "The Shetlands" is regarded as a "no no". 
Members contacting voters by phone have also being given tips on pronouncing Norse place names in the islands.
If they ever call a by-election in Rutland, I shall ask Lord Bonkers to write something similar.


nigel hunter said...

If it is not 'The Shetlands' how do we address people from the area and what do they call the region?.

Duncan Stephen said...

It's 'Shetland' or 'the Shetland islands' - not 'the Shetlands'.