Tuesday, August 27, 2019

We Make Hay by The SY6 10 years on

One of my more esoteric Sunday music video choices was We Make Hay by the SY6.

Ten years after it was shot, a blog post by Jake Buchanan looks back on the experience:
As the years rolled on, people wanted more of the SY6. We did an ill advised 2nd video for a fruit and veg company which I am not a fan of and then left it as that. 
People wanted us to do something to mark the ten years. We kicked about the idea of doing something but to be honest I was never fully sold, it’s nice to dream about it but it wouldn’t be the same. 
You need those careless times, and the vibe we all had when we all lived close, the gags were effortless to make, the tone was easy. 
I look back on this time foundly, I have a video of myself and my friends being idiots, that’s all I wanted. 

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