Thursday, August 22, 2019

Six of the Best 882

David Warren complains that the Liberal Democrats have become an establishment party.

"The North of England is set to receive £2,389 less per person than London on transport, according to a new study which has stoked concern that the North is 'held back by government underinvestment'." Richard Kemp wants to see the North get a fair share of government spending.

Chloe Coleman on the work of Henryk Ross, a photographer who documented the Lodz Ghetto in Poland under Nazi rule.

"The night before I remember being on my hands and knees on my hotel room floor just crying and crying. I still felt terrible the following morning, then went out and played probably my best game of the season." Robert Kitson conducts a remarkable interview with the rugby player Kearnan Myall.

Like 'like' is just a lazy linguistic filler. Rebecca Woods on the many uses of a simple word.

Tish Farrell takes us to Heath Chapel in Shropshire.

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