Saturday, August 31, 2019

Max Wilkinson interviewed as the Guardian visits Cheltenham

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The Guardian goes to what it calls 'genteel' Cheltenham where the sitting Conservative MP Alex Chalk and his 'rather contorted position on Brexit' has upset some voters.

Cheltenham is a prime Liberal Democrat target and the paper interviews our prospective candidate Max Wilkinson.

He says of Chalk:
“First he was a Eurosceptic. Then he pivoted to reluctant Remainer. Then he voted for all of the Brexit legislation the government set out. Now he stands outside his constituency office telling everyone he’s against no deal and prorogation, while taking a job as private secretary for Dominic Raab, who is one of the biggest exponents of a no-deal Brexit around. He’s putting his career ahead of what he says are his principles.”
The Guardian also spoke to some voters:
Mark Wallace, a former soldier, can’t see the problem with proroguing parliament. "It’s not anti-democratic at all," he insists. He voted Leave but he’s particularly keen to get out of the EU as soon as possible because, he says, the medicines he needs are becoming increasingly difficult to get. But won’t that be a much greater problem if the UK leaves without a deal? 
"No," he says, arguing that the country will then be free to make whatever arrangements it wants.
I hope that if Brexit does happen the Tories will be the victims of the backlash they deserve.

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