Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Watersons: Bellman

"An impassioned elegy for a fox-hound," according to A.L. Lloyd, who said the Watersons got it from Paul Graney of Manchester.

Some of the words - "he's gone where the good doggies go" and "Now some people use guns to kill foxes/And they says that it's far more humane." - suggests the song has a modern hand in it.

Now watch Travelling for a Living, a 1966 documentary about the Watersons.

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nigel hunter said...

This brings to mind Mary Hopkins and her album Earth ,Wind and . Fire Especially water paper and clay which i consider an uplifting song. and up to date with the Amazon etc.
Do we always have to re-learn The Torre Canyon comes to mind (oil tanker sinking).