Monday, December 18, 2017

Leicestershire Tories and their Sprout Compliance Unit

You know the score. Labour and the Liberal Democrats interfere in people's lives. The Conservatives are rugged individualists who have no time for petty regulations or elf 'n safety.

Not round here they're not.

The Tory-run Harborough District, for instance, can fine you if you feed the ducks on the Welland or fail to produce a bag to pick up mess when walking your dog.

Now the Tory-run Leicestershire County Council has joined in by sending the tweet above.

If they want to be helpful, the county could tweet some recipes for leftover sprouts. Bubble and squeak for instance.

But there are plenty of recipes online so, given the pressures on public services on the county, I think the Tories would do better to redeploy the staff in their Sprout Compliance Unit.

They can safely leave the people of Leicestershire to monitor their vegetable intake themselves.

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