Thursday, June 18, 2020

Layla Moran publishes Build Back Better

The Guardian is getting excited about the new Liberal Democrat publication Build Back Better:
The Liberal Democrats could take a decisive shift to the centre left, shedding the final legacies from the party’s period in coalition, under a new review of policy ideas overseen by leadership hopeful Layla Moran.

A new booklet, Build Back Better, edited by the MP, is billed as a modern equivalent to the Orange Book, a 2004 collection of essays from Lib Dem figures – including the former leaders Nick Clegg and Vince Cable, and former cabinet minister David Laws – which pushed the party towards a centre-right, markets-based stance.

In contrast, Build Back Better, with contributions from more than 40 Lib Dem MPs, members and supporters, includes essays advocating ideas such as a universal basic income, free broadband, and commandeering private health resources to clear a backlog of NHS operations caused by coronavirus.

I always suspect those who attribute such influence to the Orange Book have not read it.

Still its good to see leading members of the party trying to get to grips with the problems we face today and good to see the Guardian covering us.

You can download Build Back Better from Layla Moran's website.

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nigel hunter said...

It would seem that the NHS (hospitals and 50 thou nurses huffpost) won red wall labour supporters to vote tory and others.before get brexit done. If so we must have good health policies