Monday, June 01, 2020

The new issue of Liberator has landed

The new issue of Liberator has arrived. Now there is just one more printed issue to go. Already you can download this issue free of charge from the magazine's website.

This was a decision we took back in the winter, but it would have been forced on us by Covid-19 and the consequent cancellation of two Liberal Democrat conferences.

In the Radical Bulletin section this time you can: 
  • find analysis of the Thornhill report on the Lib Dem performance in last year's general election ("Every leader ends up in a 'bunker' listening only to a trusted coterie of advisers - Swinson is found to have broken new ground by starting in one.")
  • learn about the "long and tortuous route" to the party's summer leadership election.
  • discover which group of London local parties feel they were told, by the regional campaign, "We'd be delighted if you did well, but not so well that you win."
This evening we shall begin discovering what Lord Bonkers has to say about things.

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