Friday, June 19, 2020

Six of the Best 936

"It’s good to see people in the Liberal Democrats actually wanting to have discussions about ideas and approaches to politics and acknowledging that we need to have this sort of debate." Nick Barlow offers his first thoughts on Build Back Better.

James Gilmour calls for the reunification of the Social Democratic and Liberal traditions in British politics.

Mary Reid has been thinking about the way she was taught history: "I was denied any understanding of the importance of prime sources, or of historical method, and I didn’t appreciate that records were always created by the literate elite."

"The most radical aspects of Rousseau’s programme - and the most profound philosophical questions that it addresses about the nature of human freedom and happiness - have largely been excluded from the practical business of education." Rousseau’s child-centred ideals are now commonplace but, says James Brooke-Smith, his truly radical vision of educational freedom still eludes us.

Zehra Zaidi tells a story of interracial love in 18th-century Wales.

"As with declaring half an hour prior to the close of play, promoting a nightwatchman provokes another game within a game with subplots and multi-layered nuances." Yahoo over Cow Corner celebrates the intricacies of multi-day cricket.

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