Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Six of the Best 935

A podcast from Matthew d'Ancona reveals how Boris Johnson’s brush with death exposed a lethal amateurism at the heart of government.

"There is a long tradition of 'crowd psychology', Professor Reicher said, which 'sees the group as problematic', as something that “undermines us at a cognitive and moral level." Times Higher Education talks to Stephen Reicher, who says psychology can help policymakers tap wisdom of crowds during times of crisis.

And where does this fear of the mob come from? David Boyle suggests it has its roots in classical education.

Emily Marchant, Charlotte Todd and Sinead Brophy ask why outdoor learning isn't used more by schools when it has such benefits children and teachers.

"In 1914 a very concerned father sent a letter to the school teaching his young child. The complaint? He was concerned that 'sexual instruction' had been given to his 11-year-old daughter by Miss Outram, Headmistress of the Girls Department at Dronfield School, near Sheffield." Vicky Iglikowski-Broad on a cast that shows a fear of female empowerment, and illustrates the slowly changing world girls were growing up in.

Peter Webster visits a memorial to Protestant martyrs above Lewes.

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