Friday, December 04, 2020

How Paul Marshall is spending his money now

What is Paul Marshall, the cash if not the brains behind The Orange Book, doing with his money now?

Solomon Hughes in the Morning Star writes about the new right-wing websites and magazines that heve recently appeared:

UnHerd’s “sugar daddy” is Paul Marshall, an investor with an estimated £600m fortune.

Marshall used to be a big Lib Dem donor. He pushed the Lib Dems to more free-market Orange Book politics, which led them to their coalition with the Tories.

Marshall broke with the Lib Dems over Brexit, which he firmly supported, but his support for UnHerd suggests he still wants to play a political role.

UnHerd is not as wildly right-wing as the Critic, reflecting his Lib Dem background.

But the website is keen to knock the left and promote a variety of right-wing bugbears: Murray gets a lot of space and UnHerd is particularly keen to promote anti-immigrant arguments, especially ones aimed at dividing up workers — they even have a special search button for articles about the “white working class.”

Incidentally, I don't mind quoting the Morning Star. It's one of the few publications you can be sure aren't financed by Moscow.

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