Monday, March 22, 2010

After the Pump and Tap, Leicester

I went back to Braunstone Gate in Leicester on Saturday. The Bowstring Bridge has gone, though the bar next to where it used to stand has been renamed to remember it. The latest news is that Leicester Civic Society is appealing for funds to put up a plaque too.

The photograph shows the site of the popular Pump and Tap pub that was demolished at the same time as part of the plan to clear the area so that De Monfort University can build a new swimming pool.

De Montfort University said it had to demolish the pub so that work could begin as soon as possible. But there is no sign of any work yet.

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Anonymous said...

Nasty old rusty bridge was in the way of progress. The pub was a dump full of rough as they come chavs.

What's the problem?

The world has moved on and some have been left behind. Oldest story in the history books.


Maybe you're just in the way of the rest of us?