Thursday, March 18, 2010

Labour PPC says he will beat Nick Clegg

Well done to Jack Scott, Labour PPC for Sheffield Hallam. He wins Cockeyed Optimist of the Week after telling Total Politics:
I think I can win against Nick Clegg. Obviously it is going to be a tough fight. But it is one I am sure that if I work hard at, then I am fairly sure I can win.
Note to my Southern readers with their caviar sandwiches: Sheffield Hallam is not some Northern waste of whippets and unmarried mothers. It was until 1997 a safe Tory seat and is often reported as having more graduates among its voters than any seat outside South-West London. As it consists of pleasant suburbs and has the Derbyshire hills on its doorstep, you can see why.


Charlieman said...

In 1945, the Communist candidate achieved 2,253 votes. Around about the number that Labour would get in a tactical squeeze.

Former Tory MP for Sheffield Hallam, Roland Jennings, is an interesting bloke.

Tim (Kalyr) said...

Sounds like Cheadle. Last time around, Labour lost their deposit.