Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Six of the Best 23

  1. Mark Reckons he has launched a new channel called Lib Dem TV.

  2. But with all due respect to Mark and to our new campaign song, the Liberal Democrat story of the day (and our photograph) comes from Bridget Fox. She remembers a loved cat who has just died: "Percy would sit on top of the big old TV, often draping one paw elegantly over the screen. He would play with the landline phone cable, change TV channels by wrestling with the remote, and would also regularly climb onto one of our laptops – sometimes with unintended consequences, like the time he managed to reset my screen at right angles."

  3. Elsewhere in North London, notes Richard Osley, an Ed Fordham billboard has already gone up. Interesting that it carries an endorsement from Vince Cable rather than Nick Clegg.

  4. Back in the blogosphere, David T of Harry's Place has "received a letter before action from George Galloway’s henchman, Kevin Ovenden, claiming £50,000".

  5. While Zelo Street is amused that Donal Blaney offers himself as an expert on bullying.

  6. The latest post on Tony's Musings will be of interest to anyone who has followed recent events on Jersey.
Due to Blogger's endearing little ways, the numbers for the first two paragraphs have disappeared because of the photograph on the left.

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