Sunday, March 14, 2010

Samantha Cameron and Sarah Brown: Leaders' wives or leaders' mothers?

she said ... he tended to make a "terrible mess" and was not good at clearing up after himself. She added it can be "quite annoying" when he fiddles with his phone and Blackberry.
"He's messy. He's noisy. He gets up at a terrible hour."

Mothers thinking fondly of their sons - the lovable little scamps - who are away at Cub Scout camp?

No, as you will have realised, this is Samantha Cameron and Sarah Brown talking about their husbands.

Back in the nineties heyday of sleaze, my own mother used to make a pertinent observation. When the wives of politicians who had been caught having affairs appeared with them in public to show they were standing by them, she said they were behaving more like their mothers than their wives.

Now that seems to be the case even when those politicians have been unfaithful. And so the infantilisation of society gathers pace.

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