Monday, March 15, 2010

Six of the Best 22

  1. George Kiloh is not a name I have come across before, but Birkdale Focus tells us all about him and the Liberal History Group's fringe meeting on the Young Liberal "Red Guard" of the 1960s.

  2. Has Obama's presidency reached a turning point? Writing on Huffington Post, Robert Kuttner thinks so: "when the other party is out to destroy you, the search for common ground is a fool's errand."

  3. Bignews Margate catches Bob Geldof "going off on one" over BBC coverage of allegations that some of the money raised by LiveAid may have gone astray when it reached Africa.

  4. The best traditions of the Britblog Roundup are maintained by Redemption Blues.

  5. It is hard to tell, because the article is not well written, but Liberal Conspiracy appears to have come out in favour of the government's scheme for compulsory national identity cards. I am proud to say that I was sceptical of that blog's intentions from the start.

  6. Unman-Wittering Blog reminds us of the sheer awfulness of the charts in the middle of the 1970s by way of an analysis of Paul Nicholas's "Reggae Like It Used To Be".


Lavengro in Spain said...

I have known of many Liberal conspiracies, and have participated in a few, but that blog is the first Liberal conspiracy that I have found that is directly intended to benefit the Labour Party.

MatGB said...

Specifically, Robert, who've I've been in contact with on a number of issues for years, is definitely opposed to ID cards.

He attended a meeting, challenged the minister, and reported back to the site.

Regardless, even if he was in favour (Wwhich he's not), it'd be one article by one contributor, pretty sure mostly everyone else, especially the Labour members, are opposed to the scheme.

I think Robert didn't feel the need to make it clearer he objected, given that he's been objecting for a long time.

I remain of the same opinion of LC that I had when it started; it's a good idea, that wants to be a broad church, but can only be a broad church if people don't throw toys out of prams whenever one other member of the church does something stupid.

Norman Lamb approved a release in favour of NHS funded homeopathy. Clement Jones put forward the DEBILL amendment. I'm still a Lib Dem member.

The site's a great opportunity to get a message across to a much bigger audience. But I'm one of a small number of Lib Dems who even try.

I've known Robert for longer than I've been a member, he's someone that should be a member. If we agree with Clegg when he says we should reach out to attract all the liberals, why are we constantly attacking the biggest opportunity on the net to do this?

Jonathan Calder said...

If you want to suggest stories from Liberal Conspriacy for me to link to, I shall be happy to look at them.

But the overall mood of the site seems tediously Labourite to me.