Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Six of the Best 26

  1. Good news: Craig Murray has joined the Liberal Democrats.

  2. You will probably have heard that the Tories had a social media catastrophe yesterday in the shape of the collapse of their #cashgordon campaign. Andrew Hickey has the juicy details.

  3. RandomPottins introduces us to a strange episode in the career of Donald McIntosh Johnson, who was a wartime Independent by-election candidate, stood as a Liberal in the 1945 general election and later became a Conservative MP, until he fell out with them too.

  4. There was a stunning programme on sudden blindness on Radio 4 this morning. Niles's Blog heard it too and has the link to the BBC website.

  5. Which Liberal Democrat blogger met a station cat in South Shropshire? I suspect I would be the bookies' favourite, but in fact it was Liberal Bureaucracy in Craven Arms.

  6. The Croydonian has metamorphosed into Chiswickite, but it has kept up its study of old volumes of Hansard. We are in 1960, when Manchester Moss Side was represented by a Tory opera buff.


Frank Little said...

Craig Murray has been a member before and left, I believe. Let's hope he stays this time.

DC said...

Murray is a loose cannon and a potential embarrassment.

dundee liberal said...

Murray was a member for 32 years and a very effective liberal campaigner - I knew him well. He left so he could pursue the torture and extraordinary rendition issue. Tony Greaves welcomes him back as "A sound liberal" on LibDem voice. What exactly are DC's Liberal qualifications by comparison?

Andrew Hickey said...

Personally I'd have thought being 'a loose cannon' was what being Liberal was all about - not enslaved by conformity and all that?

dreamingspire said...

That is a half-n-half cat. A pair would be very pretty, particularly if the other had been assembled as a mirror image.