Friday, March 12, 2010

That new Lib Dem election slogan in full

The BBC informs us that it will be the rather wordy:
"Change that works for you, building a fairer Britain"
A naughty part of me is reminded of the efforts of Reginald Perrin's son-in-law Tom:

Tom: I have distributed among you a few campaign ideas - I'm not really a campaign person - and slogans. I won't bore you with my slogan ideas now.

Perrin: No, no, Tom, I insist that you bore us with them now.

Tom: Oh. Well, there was one - I'm not really a slogan person - it went: "Go to Grot shops and get an eyeful, of Perrin's Products with a wide range of goods that are really pretty awful".

Perrin: Excellent, Tom! Perfect!

Tom: It doesn't rhyme or scan properly.

Perrin: It almost rhymes and scans properly, that's the important thing. This is exactly what I'm paying you for.

Tom: Thank you. Well, I'll just give you one more, perhaps: "Grot is the ideal place for gifts, because they're all on one floor, so there aren't any lifts." They aren't all of that standard, of course.

Thanks to Wikipedia.

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