Thursday, March 25, 2010

Six of the Best 27

  1. Mark Pack has posted the video of David Cameron's Gay Times interview disaster - and a second, equally amusing, one.

  2. You know those EU regulations against bendy bananas? The ones that only exist in the fevered imaginations of Eurosceptics? The good news is that they were abolished a few years ago. Even better, reports Chris Davies MEP, attempts to revive them have been thwarted.

  3. The blog run by the mental health charity Mind has news of an agreement between politicians not to use slurs about their opponents’ mental health when campaigning.

  4. Ideal Government is collecting arguments against fingerprinting children in schools.

  5. You may have read the Small Boy Stuck Up a Tree controversy in today's papers. Heresy Corner has a typically impressive dissection of it.

  6. Writing for Sky Sports, David Lloyd is encouraged by England's showing in Bangladesh.

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