Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bridgnorth cheese seller fined for misleading claims

I fear that crime is not unknown even in the demi-paradise that is South Shropshire. The following story comes from the county council's own website:

The Court heard that Mr Lucas purchased cheese manufactured and vacuum-packed by a North Wales creamery for general distribution. He then stored it in its packaging for a short time in a cellar in his shop before re-branding it as Bridgnorth Cave-Aged Cheddar.

The cheese was sold with a range of misleading descriptions, such as “18 months old vintage cheddar matured in the ancient caves of Bridgnorth”, and “made exclusively for us in North Shropshire”, which the court heard were likely to deceive consumers.

Mr Lucas was fined £1350 and ordered to pay prosecution costs.

No doubt the Shropshire Star will have all the juicy details tomorrow.

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