Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two new sports blogs

Welcome to the anonymous new cricket blog Down at Third Man, which gracefully walks a difficult path by celebrating both the Indian Premier League and Derek Shackleton.

Welcome also to Arse Online, written by a colleague from work and dealing with the second best team in London.

Note particularly his post arguing that Arsenal will win the Premiership because they have the easiest run in of the three contenders. Speaking as a Chelsea fan, I find it worryingly convincing.


Macfishery said...

Oh dear, Jonathan, as a good Liberal with a fine hinterland and one who has referred affectionately to the Leicester Tigers I had you down as (a) a rugby man (b)immune to the fad of supporting a fashionable football team. Please reassure me!

Jonathan Calder said...

A man can like rugby and football, you know.

And I assure you my support for Chelsea goes back a very long way: Charlie Cooke, Chopper Harris, jumpers for goalposts, isn't it?

Mark Wellington said...

Second best team, my Arse? We're better than those nouveau riche Johnny-come-latelies from down the west end any day. Except yesterday, of course. And on the two occasions when you beat us this season :-(

Thanks for the plug. We're still going to win the league though.