Saturday, March 20, 2010

What should everyone know?

What should children be taught?

Of course, all good Liberals are against a national curriculum, but what do you want your children to gain from their education? What should your local Swedish-style free school teach?

Thanks to the reader who alerted me to this. As he puts it:
...get beyond Richard Curtis to hear some more interesting opinions.

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Wartime Housewife said...

What a fascinating video clip, thank you.

There was a lot of airy fairy bollocks talked by people who had clearly had the benefit of a good standard education and should therefore have known better, but I concurred completely with Oliver Kamm and Sunder Katwala. It is really important that people learn history. We cannot have a clear understanding of what is happeneing now if we have no idea of how we arrived there and we certainly can't make informed decisions about the future if we haven't learned the lessons of the past.

And did anyone champion learning for joy of it? for the sheer benefit of human growth and understanding?

Really thought provoking Jonathan.