Friday, March 19, 2010

Man of the Day: Cecil Beresford Ramage MC

Many thanks to the always interesting Birkdale Focus for alerting me to Mr Ramage, who was the Liberal Candidate for Southport in 1929 and appeared in one of my favourite films: Kind Hearts and Coronets.

In fact it gets better than that, because it turns out that Cecil Beresford Ramage was briefly a Liberal MP. He fought the Newcastle West constituency three times, losing in 1922, winning in 1923, then losing again in 1924.

Incidentally, Ramage did not play the defence counsel in Kind Hearts, as Birkdale Focus suggests, but the Crown counsel whose powerful prosecution did much to secure Louis Mazzini's conviction.

The defence counsel was played by Richard Wattis, later a staple of comedy British films and Eric Sykes' neighbour in the BBC comedy.


iain said...

Thanks for the correction Jonathan you are,of course, correct. He was married to a famous actress whose name escapes me and google.

Richard Hands said...

Cecil Beresford Ramage MC was married to Cathleen Nesbitt