Thursday, March 11, 2010

Six of the Best 20

  1. Nick Thornsby's Blog catches the prime minister telling two lies in two days.

  2. Why do socialists always have to have a foreign tyrant to admire? Caron's Musings looks at their latest poster boy: President Chavez of Venezuela.

  3. Jeremy Rowe proves that it can be dangerous to listen to George Osborne on the radio.

  4. Last night Under a Watling Street Tree heard Will Hutton speak in Leicester. I was at a seminar on Dickens elsewhere in the city. It's just a hotbed of culture.

  5. More Than Mind Games points us to a 1924 film of the Regent's Canal in London: "The film follows a barge up the Regents Canal from Docklands all the way around London’s East End, going on into Camden (with shots of the chaotic surroundings of Kings Cross as they were then, and a view into St Pancras Station) and finishing in Paddington Basin. From time to time, the cameraman leaves the boat and captures priceless street scenes in otherwise rarely filmed places like Hackney and Kentish Town."

  6. Worrying news from Random Blowe: "on Tuesday evening I became a statistic, one of six cyclists who is seriously injured every day on Britain's streets."

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