Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six of the Best 28

Lib Dem TV has a 28-minute video which features Chris Huhne and the delights of Lib Dem conference.

Talking of videos, A Very Public Sociologist has one putting the staff side in the British Airways dispute.

While Stumbling and Mumbling suggests that management may be "a con-trick, promising - but never actually delivering - increased efficiency."

Longrider points us to an article by the excellent Henry Porter: "The last days of this dreadful government are being accompanied by an attack on rights and privacy that seems unprecedented during Labour’s 13-year rule."

The Marrakesh Express is taken by On An Overgrown Path.

While Left and to the Back remembers Clodagh Rodgers: "Failing to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 surely can't have helped her career (and she even received death threats from the IRA for representing the UK)."


dreamingspire said...

I found the S & M article at:

Jonathan Calder said...

Link fixed, thank you.