Tuesday, March 23, 2010

David Heath features in Yeti-related Simile of the Day

A couple of weeks ago "incensed mum" Vanessa Kimbell won our coveted Imaginative Simile of the Day award for saying the floor of the changing rooms at Market Harborough's swimming pool looked as if a "Yeti had been attacked". (Read Go Litel Blog, Go... on this too.)

This category proved so popular that it led us to instigate a new award. As a result, Yeti-related Simile of the Day goes to Anne Treneman of the Times.

Because, writing on his new blog, the Liberal Democrat MP David Heath reveals that Anne Treneman of The Times recently likened him to "a yeti in a barber shop".

So well done to Anne.

David also tells us that Matthew Parris once said he was "like a Tajik with a toothache". But Parris came away from the 1999 Central Asian Figure of Speech Awards empty handed.

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Unknown said...

Thankyou .. I accept this award with a smile... despite being taken aback by the DISGUSTING state of the Market Harborough Leisure Centre changing facilities are .. the printing of my rant and this award has made me smile !