Sunday, March 21, 2010

Six of the Best 25

  1. "This is not to be taken as a sign I have returned to blogging," says Charlotte Gore sternly. We shall see. In the mean time, she shares with us "the vows Gordon Brown made to Sarah Macaulay in 2000 at a surprise (and secret) ceremony in North Queensbury".

  2. Gary Allanach recalls a visit to Chernobyl and worries about the Tories' enthusiasm for nuclear energy.

  3. Do you have any famous relatives? No Geek is an Island has lots.

  4. Calum Cashley remembers his SNP colleague Billy Woolfe. In the course of doing so he seems to say that the party owns an island. Can this be true? Should the Liberal Democrats have one too?

  5. A Very Public Sociologist discusses the rumour that Tristram Hunt is to be parachuted into Stoke Central as "a sop to Peter Mandelson".

  6. And Undercover Sport has a rugby rumour: Sir Clive Woodward to replace Rob Andrew and overhaul Martin Johnson's coaching team.
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