Friday, March 12, 2010

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP joins the Lib Dems

The longest-serving Conservative MEP has joined the Liberal Democrats.

Or so it says here.

Later. There is a report confirming it on the Guardian site:
The MEP said today: "I have been around the higher circles of the Conservative party for long enough to fear that on Europe Cameron says one thing in opposition and will do another in government.

"I have long fought against totalitarianism and the extremism and religious persecution it brings. It was wrong of Cameron to associate with MEPs who have extremist pasts in his new European alliance."

He added: "My reasons for joining the Liberal Democrats are that in Nick Clegg they have a leader whom I like, admire and respect. They are internationalists, not nationalists. They are committed to politics based the values of fairness and change."

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