Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Davey Graham was born at Bosworth Hall

When I visited Bosworth Hall in Market Bosworth - there it is above - I wrote:
The Dixie family fortune was lost in the 19th century, and the house and estate were sold in the 1880s to pay gambling debts. After the estate had changed hands a few times, it was bought by Leicestershire County Council and became a hospital - Bosworth Park Infirmary - in 1931. 
When the hospital closed in the 1980s, it was converted into the Bosworth Hall Hotel.
What I didn't know then is that the great guitarist Davey Graham was born at Bosworth Park Infirmary. There is even a plaque on the building commemorating the fact.

I learnt this, my Trivial Fact of the Day, from a page on Hinckley Past & Present. It lists all the blue plaques in that part of Leicestershire. (If you know of any more, please let them know.)

Davey Graham? You know, Anji...


Keith Watts said...

Davey Graham drove the dog van in Z-cars

Jonathan Calder said...

Is that a euphemism?