Monday, April 03, 2017

Shropshire Conservatives interfere in The Bog

The Bog Visitor Centre is based in an old school that opened in 1839 for the local mining community, at one stage the village had over 200 buildings and was a prosperous centre for lead and barytes mining. The mine closed in the 1920s, and as buildings gradually disappeared the school eventually closed in 1968.
So Paul Davis once wrote for me in a guest post about the Bog Centre.

You may find it hard to believe, but Shropshire's ruling Conservative group is proposing to install pay and display machines in the centre's very basic car park.

And how do they propose to stop people parking a little way down the lane? Double-yellow lines.

This would look ridiculous in such a remote location. And who would police them is a good question.

Peter Phillips, the doyen of Shropshire Liberals, suggests the council should simply  install an unobtrusive stone pillar housing an honesty box, as has been done with success at nearby Snailbeach village hall, and leave it at that.

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