Saturday, April 22, 2017

In which I become an expert on politics in Bath

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General Election 2017: Bath is one of the best chances of success for a Lib Dem MP

says the headline on a Bath Chronicle story.

And who's this quoted below it?
The small swing puts Bath at number 12 on Election Polling's list of top target seats for the Lib Dems. 
But Lib Dem blogger Jonathan Calder thinks Bath should be higher on the list. 
"I'd say with Bath's history it's probably better than number 12," said Mr Calder, who is behind the Liberal England blog. 
"I think Bath is in the top 10 and, with its history, that's quite achievable, but I'm a Lib Dem so I'm biased."
The Chronicle journalist had seen my post on the top 20 Lib Dem targets on 8 June and got in touch.

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