Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What a cheek! Harborough Conservatives use an image from this blog in an election leaflet

Take a look at the image above.

It is part of a leaflet that the Conservatives are currently delivering in one of the Market Harborough wards as part of their campaign for next month's Leicestershire County Council elections.

A sharp-eyed reader has pointed out to me that the photograph of the 'Welcome to Market Harborough' sign has been lifted from this blog.

You can find in my post The Great Market Harborough Gas Leak of 2016 on 13 May 2016.

Here it is again:

And if you are wondering where I got it from, it was cropped out of a slightly larger photo I took on 9 July 2011:

If any Conservative activists are reading this, please ask my permission before you use my photographs.

If it is for an election leaflet I will say no, but if it for some other purpose that will benefit the community then I am open to the idea.

And ask someone to brief you on the basics of copyright law before you run into someone who is less forgiving than I am.

Later. I have received a gracious, though private, apology from the candidate. I am still waiting for an explanation of how the photograph came to be used.

Even later. I did receive the apology. Then the other evening I found that the same candidate was using one of my photographs in his Twitter campaign.

I asked him to delete the tweet, which he did, though he did not reply of apologise.

You have to watch these Tories, don't you?


Unknown said...

Sorry but you should jump on this immediately and put the fact out on the focus and other media. The Tories will use anything to exploit us. Politics with Tories is not a gentlemans occupation but but ruthless to remain in power.

Anonymous said...

Solicitor's letter to cease and desist distribution called for here!