Sunday, April 30, 2017

Business Insider names nine MPs at risk of an anti-Brexit Lib Dem revival at the general election

Writing for Business Insider, Adam Payne identifies nine sitting MPs who "have to fight hard to fend off the looming threat of the Liberal Democrats".

Here they are, with extracts from Payne's analysis of the contest in each constituency.

Cambridge: Daniel Zeichner (Labour) - "If Farron's Lib Dems do enjoy a revival at the ballot box in June then Cambridge is the most likely seat to fall in its hands."

Bermondsey and Old Southwark: Neil Coyle (Labour) - "One Labour source told us this week that Coyle is 'very worried' about the June contest."

Bristol West: Thangam Debbonaire (Labour) - "A massive 80% of voters here wanted to Remain in the EU, meaning Debbonaire's 17% majority over the Lib Dems might not be enough to keep her seat."

Cardiff Central: Jo Stevens (Labour) - "62% of voters are estimated to have backed Remain here and the Lib Dems will be hungry to regain another seat it lost in 2015."

Vauxhall: Kate Hoey (Labour) - "It'd be an incredible achievement for Farron's party to win the seat it has never held... but don't rule it out."

Lewes: Maria Caulfield (Conservative) - "With 50% of voters here estimated to have backed Remain all it would take is a small swing to the Lib Dems for candidate Kelly-Marie Blundell to get elected to the Commons in June."

Kingston and Surbiton: James Berry (Conservative) - "With a Tory majority as small as 8% Farron will regard the Greater London seat as very winnable."

Bath: Ben Howlett (Conservative) - "Tory MP Howlett campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU but with 66% of voters estimated have backed Remain his position is definitely at risk of a resurgent Lib Dem vote."

Cheadle: Mary Robinson (Conservative) - "With 58% of voters estimated to have backed Remain in the June referendum, we can expect a significant swing in favour of Farron's revitalised party."

All very upbeat about Lib Dem chances, though we shall have to raise our profile on issues other than Europe as the campaign develops if we want a good night on 8 June.

Incidentally, I seem to have got into the habit of using old railway posters to illustrate post about seats where the Lib Dems may be in with a chance at the general election.
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If I start talking up our chances in unlikely places, it may be because I have found an attractive poster I want to use.

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