Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tim Farron on Boris Johnson: His circus show isn't funny any more

Writing for the Guardian, Tim Farron says Boris Johnson has been humiliated.

Tim writes that the discussion at the G7 summit needed to be about "no-fly zones, safe corridors and gaining the cooperation of regional powers".

Instead we got "the Boris circus show":
Lots of table-thumping beforehand about how he was going to deliver sanctions (“We are the exact opposite of poodles,” his spin doctors briefed, a little hysterically), followed by that familiar quizzical expression at the post-summit photo call when he had delivered precisely nothing. 
Even fellow Conservative ministers have said, helpfully, that he has been humiliated, while No 10 has offered him every form of support short of actual help. 
May happened to be on holiday (no crime in that) but then saw her foreign secretary floundering without arm bands, out to sea and out of his depth. And instead of taking charge of the mounting crisis, she looked away.
Whenever I think of Johnson now, I remember a post of mine based on a quotation from Auberon Waugh.

Morrissey has his own take on the subject.

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