Thursday, April 06, 2017

Jester Wools of Leicester tweeted this beautiful poster yesterday, so I had a look to see what I could find out about the Jester Company of Leicester.

An article by Sarah Hartwell tells us:
Jester Company limited, Leicester, was a textiles company (knitting wools, patterns, rug kits etc) founded in October 1944, they went into liquidation in 1996 and were finally dissolved in 1997. 
Their address was Jester House, Roman Forum, Leicester (in 1987 the registered office was at 14 West Walk, Leicester, LE1 7NA and in 1988 it was 91 All Saints Road, Leicester, LE3 5AB)
She reproduces some more striking advertisements and tells us that the vainglorious "Roman Forum" address was really in Talbot Lane.

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