Monday, April 24, 2017

Herbert Morris buildings, Empress Road, Loughborough

I love this range of old industrial buildings and the way the curve of them closes off the view along Empress Road.

But they won't be there much longer. The Loughborough Echo reported last September that the authority has given permission for them to be demolished for new housing.

So they survived a Zeppelin raid but not Charnwood Borough Council.

At least the cross in the road that marks the raid is still there. And I was pleased to find an Edward VII pillar box that must have witnessed it.

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Paul Ryder said...

It makes a lovely sweep across Empress Road I agree! I have been down to take photographs of them and the view of them from the canal bank which I think is equally striking. However they can't stand as they are, and wish they could be repurposed. No doubt they will be turned into an awful, but much needed, set of new dwellings with canal side gardens. The buildings must have a purpose.