Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Knaresborough signal box

As its Signalling Record Society page says, Knaresborough signal box is one of the few that was added to the end of an existing terrace.

I took this photograph in, I think, 1981. I remember going for a walk in the area and being pleased to come across a village called Follifoot.

The box looks little changed today. The Signal Box has a picture of the small frame to be found within.


Unknown said...

Follifoot was where an ITV programme was filmed. But, alas (except it had horses in it) I cannot remember anymore about it.

Jonathan Calder said...

Yes, it was because of the television series Follyfoot that I was pleased to find it, though that was filmed elsewhere in Yorkshire.

The episodes all seem to be on Youtube and it is chiefly remarkable for the people who directed them: Jack Cardiff, Stephen Frears, Michael Apted, David Hemmings.

Oh, and the theme song, of course.