Friday, April 21, 2017

Sir Edward Garnier makes the case against leaving the EU

Sir Edward Garnier has confirmed that he will be seeking re-election in Harborough on 8 June.

Which makes it worth revisiting a post on his website in which he made the case for remaining in the European Union.

Speaking the day before the referendum, Sir Edward said:
The Conservative Party has built its reputation on economic stability that will be the foundation of our ability to govern successfully over the next four years. We cannot afford to put the British people's hard-won economic security at risk by leaving the EU. A vote to Remain is about safeguarding jobs and our nation's prosperity. 
'The bosses of more than half of Britain’s largest companies have urged voters to back Remain - 1,285 business leaders who together employ 1.75 million people – including more than 9000 small and medium-sized firms and over half of the FTSE 100 – have written to the Times as follows: 
"Britain leaving the EU would mean uncertainty for our firms, less trade with Europe and fewer jobs. Even those that want Britain to leave say that, in the short term, Brexit would lead to economic uncertainty and would put jobs at risk. Smaller businesses and the people they employ are particularly vulnerable to any economic shock that could follow a vote to leave."(Times, 22 June 2016, link). 
Edward Garnier comments: 
'This is a major intervention which confirms that the overwhelming majority of British Business – large and small – back remaining in the European Union. The Leave campaign cannot name any economic experts that support their vision for quitting the world’s largest single market which would damage our economy, lead to job losses and higher prices. 
I urge the people of the East Midlands, Leicestershire and the Harborough constituency to Vote Remain for more jobs, lower prices, stronger public services and a decent, tolerant United Kingdom. If we vote to leave, there is no going back. Don't risk it.’ 
Apologies for quoting at such length, but I agree with Sir Edward.

Now Theresa May has called an election in which she will make precisely the opposite case.

Sir Edward has the seniority and the courage to say what he really believes, just as Kenneth Clarke will. I hope Sir Edward will too.

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Unknown said...

The economy is vital to our success.We are of the G7 and we have it pointed out by the media when their meetings occur I remember a time when we were the 4th largest economy I hear we are now the 6th (some say the 7th). Will there come a time after Brexit when we will not hear the call of the G7 and will the Tories point this out as we decline? or will they say we are doing fine
It is inevitable that taxes will need to rise to fund the future.