Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Six of the Best 683

"No flourishing urban environment has developed around the Hepworth in the manner of London’s South Bank, in spite of its riverside location." Matthew Green visits Wakefield and asks what can be done to revive its economy and those of similar places.

Osita Nwanevu explains why the alt-right hates Donald Trump's air strike against Syria.

"Making streets not just safe but obviously safe will require years of effort and some politically very tricky decisions." Peter Walker explains why scrapping speed bumps is a ludicrous solution to air pollution.

"A lot of us had been in combat over the last few weeks, some of us had fought hand-to-hand and many of us had seen acts of incredible bravery but what those scouts did beggared belief. They were civilians, children really and they stayed there, under fire, with a very real risk of getting killed to give us food and water." Keith Marsh relates a remarkable wartime experience of his father's.

Londonist surveys the remains of London's workhouses.

York Stories looks at the restoration of the Tuke house and the Rigg monument, which can both be found close to Walmgate Bar (and have both featured on this blog).

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