Saturday, April 15, 2017

Guardian talks up Lib Dem chances in Manchester Gorton

Encouraging stuff from Toby Helm on the Guardian website this evening:
The Liberal Democrats are fast closing the gap on Labour in next month’s Manchester Gorton byelection and believe they could steal a victory to match their stunning success over the Conservatives in Richmond last December, according to an internal campaign briefing ... 
A briefing for senior Lib Dem officials and campaigners written by deputy director of campaigns Dave McCobb says the party’s messages on Brexit, including calls for a second referendum on the outcome of negotiations, are winning over voters in a seat where more than 60% voted remain in last June’s Brexit referendum. 
McCobb says that the Lib Dems are making up ground fast and are on 31% with Labour on 51%, a level of support he says that is “running well ahead of where we were in the Witney byelection ... and approaching Richmond Park levels of support at this stage.”
If you want to help the Lib Dems campaign in Gorton, by donating or on the doorstep, see the details on the party website.

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