Monday, April 17, 2017

Six of the Best 685

"She saw city life as the genial co-existence of many different neighbourhoods, where the residents supported and looked out for one another while enjoying access to all the cultural advantages of the greater metropolis." Wayne Lawson reviews Citizen Jane, a new film about Jane Jacobs.

Between the early Wittgenstein and the late Wittgenstein came Wittgenstein the school teacher. Colin Marshall on a short, strange and brutal career that took place deep in rural Austria.

"Jonathan Meades has written a cookbook and it is, as the bright young things may still sometimes say, the most Jonathan Meades thing ever." Good news from Alex Massie.

"In the past the miracle of Snape was that commercial priorities were subservient to the fragile local environment. The tragedy of Snape under Roger Wright is that this environment is now subservient to commercial priorities." On An Overgrown Path is not impressed by plans for a new car park on the river bank opposite Snape Maltings.

David Prestidge on a gang fight and murder on Clapham Common in 1953.

Angharad Mountford discovers London's oldest surviving bridge.

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