Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Lib Dems would make big gains in an early election say Tory polls

George Eaton claims an exclusive in the New Statesman:
Last month, Conservative MPs from Cornwall and Devon urged May not to go to the country for fear they would lose their seats. In Richmond, Tim Farron's party overturned Zac Goldsmith's 23,015 majority by attracting Remain voters and the Lib Dems have won 34 council seats from the Tories since May 2015. 
The MPs' fears, I can reveal, were later reinforced by private Conservative polling. According to multiple sources, a survey conducted by Crosby Textor showed the party would lose most of the 27 gains they made from the Lib Dems in 2015, including all those in south London, all those in Cornwall and most of those in Devon. 
Lynton Crosby, who masterminded the party's general election triumph, is said to have personally told May of the grim findings.
All very encouraging.

And it does suggest the Tories would be in serious trouble if Labour had a credible alternative prime minister as leader.

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