Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rachel Johnson: Some groundless speculation

Rachel Johnson, the journalist and sister of the government ministers Boris the Mugwump and Jo, has joined the Liberal Democrats in protest against Tory support for Brexit.

The Guardian says she has "toyed with the idea of running as a Lib Dem candidate for a West Country seat".

As the paper goes on to note, two prime Liberal Democrat targets - Yeovil and Bath (on whose politics I am an acknowledged expert) - have lost their candidates in recent days.

This may be putting two and two together and making five, and I am sure there are any number of good local councillors eyeing those seats.

But if we are to unite the Remain vote and turn it into a force in Westminster elections, we are going to have to win over a lot of moderate Conservatives.

It makes you think.

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wolfi said...

Rachel's wiki is an interesting read - and already contains your info!