Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The mystery of the disappearing Tory leader

Last week, as the local elections approached, a mystery gripped Leicestershire.

Where was Nick Rushton, leader of county's ruling Conservative group?

Some said he was in Norfolk. Others said he was in California.

He certainly didn't seem to be in Leicestershire.

As the the Leicester Mercury told it:
Coun Rushton's absence was noted when deputy council leader Byron Rhodes attended a BBC Radio Leicester discussion to which all the council's political party leaders were invited. Coun Rhodes told the Mercury: 
"He's having an Easter break. What's wrong with that? 
"I'm looking after things here. He's still in contact. "They (the Lib Dems) are being outrageous. Nick is getting the job done." 
The Mercury has made a number of calls to speak directly to Coun Rushton but has only received a text message in response.

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