Monday, April 24, 2017

Meeting to decide David Mackintosh's future will take place at... Sixfields Stadium

We knew that, in his effort to be reselected as the Conservative candidate for Northampton South. David Mackintosh MP faced a meeting on 2 May.

There will be a vote on him by his constituency executive that day and, if he loses it, one by the whole membership too.

What we didn't know was the venue of the meeting.

Thanks to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo we now know it will be at the Sixfields Stadium - the home of the town's football club.

Given that it is the controversy over a loan made by the council, while Mackintosh was its leader, to Northampton Town for improvements to the stadium that has led to his difficulties with his own party, there is a pleasing irony in this.

Meanwhile, ITV News quotes a police statement:
A dedicated team of full-time investigators, accountants and analysts‎ continue to independently assess the grant, use and the loss of millions of pounds of public money. 
We are committed to thoroughly and objectively investigating this matter, which includes evaluating and investigating every allegation which may have a bearing on events. 
This is a complex investigation involving multiple allegations and counter allegations and it is important to remember that neither criminal nor financial liability will diminish with time.
It also quotes Mr Mackintosh saying he welcomes the investigation and has done nothing wrong.

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