Friday, April 28, 2017

Six of the Best 687

Nick Tyrone argues that the reappearance of Zac Goldsmith will make it easier for the Liberal Democrats to hold Richmond.

"English thinkers and statesmen turned their backs on the task of elaborating and constructing a viable and vibrant national identity. For if the right people do not do it, the wrong ones will.  They seem, in fact, to be very much at it now." Krishan Kumar examines English identity through English literature.

Maya Kosoff on a plan to turn Twitter into a user-owned cooperative.

"What do Catholic school girls and Joseph Stalin have in common? They've worn a uniform to conserve their mental energy for a higher purpose than just fashion." Rebecca Huval debates the cultural significance of all dressing alike.

"The New Statesman recently interviewed Ray Davies, who’s still an iconoclast: 'I think of the Sixties as black and white but the Fifties as colour,' he said." Alex Abramovich discusses decades and their colours.

In a podcast, John Savage talks about some films shot around Ladbroke Grove. They include The Blue Lamp, Sapphire and Seven Days to Noon.

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