Monday, April 03, 2017

Liberal Democrats tipped to regain Cornwall and Somerset

It's not clear what he bases it on, but the Conservative peer and psephologist is tipping the Liberal Democrats to do well in May's local elections.

According to the Financial Times:
Lord Hayward predicted that the Lib Dems could see a net gain of about 100 seats, in line with a recent estimate by fellow psephologists Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher. 
“They have a seriously good prospect of winning both Cornwall and Somerset,” he said.
He goes further over at Heart FM:
Elections analyst Robert Hayward told Sky News the Tories would surge to victory if Mrs May went to the country in the coming months, fresh from triggering Article 50. 
The party could lose up to 15 seats to the Liberal Democrats, his projections suggest, but make major gains from Labour and could take a handful of seats from the Scottish Nationalists.

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