Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Rediscovering the Harpenden to Hemel Hempstead line

One day it 1981 a university friend and I set off from Harpenden to follow this line. Without really intending to, we walked all the way to Hemel Hempstead.

On the way to the railway station there I passed the second primary school I had once attended in the town: Boxmoor.

It had been replaced by a new school a few years before, but was still standing. When I went back years later it had been demolished and replaced with a close of four houses.

I have started swapping emails with someone I was at Boxmoor with, even though this is a period of my life I have always shied away from. It was here that my father walked out on us when I was 11.

But there are good memories too - the school reports I got when I was 12 were the best I was ever going to receive - and there is something rather flattering about being remembered from 50 years ago.

Maybe I will go back again this year and lay some ghosts.

Anyway, nice railway pictures and a good tune.


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