Sunday, February 09, 2020

The Jam: Disguises

Ultimate Classic Rock says of the original Who version:
The psychedelic era brought out some of the weirdest sounds in the British Invasion bands, and the Who were no exception. 
Pete Townshend ensconced the melodic, mid-tempo 'Disguises' with whooshing waves of metallic distortion. The effect is so prominent, if you heard the song on the radio, you'd be certain that the signal was fading in and out. 
The warped listening experience only enhances the confusion Roger Daltrey expresses about trying to recognize his girl, who's wearing the bizarre fashions of the day. Originally slapped on stop-gap releases (the 'Ready Steady Who!' EP in the U.K., 'Magic Bus: The Who on Tour' in the U.S.), the song was added to 'A Quick One' when it was remastered and expanded on CD.
Paul Weller chose a simpler approach, but it still sounds good. If you enjoy this you should also try his cover of the Beatles' And Your Bird Can Sing.

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