Saturday, February 08, 2020

Six of the Best 908

"Britain and America are in the midst of a barely reported public health crisis. They are experiencing not merely a slowdown in life expectancy, which in many other rich countries is continuing to lengthen, but the start of an alarming increase in death rates across all our populations, men and women alike. We are needlessly allowing our people to die early." Will Hutton on shit-life syndrome.

Boris Johnson has declared war on liberal democracy, argues Peter Oborne.

Robert Saunders examines how membership of the European Union changes Britain.

"Cecil Sharp working in the early to mid-twentieth century and Ghost Box in the twenty-first, both appear to be interested in the idea of a ‘hidden’ England " Yvonne Salmon explores David Rudkin’s 1974 TV play Penda’s Fen and its links with a strange network of art and culture.

Ian Hopkinson reviews a book on how the states of the USA got their shape.

"A record that has grown in stature since its 1973 release, John Martyn’s Solid Air has become a cult touchstone, pointing the way towards ambient, trip-hop and more abstract sonic textures." Vivian Goldman looks at the man behind the masterpiece.

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